Saturday, August 16, 2008

I'm a PMP... At Last!

After taking up books three times, I finally gave my PMP and passed it. I first started preparing for it in Dec 2005, read the entire PMBOK and then just dropped it. After much persuasion from Nidhi, I again took it up after an year, studied for almost 6 months and then again dropped the idea. Somehow I never felt ready for the real exam.

In June 2008, I prepared myself once again and this time for good. I scheduled my exam first and gave myself 2 months to study. It was difficult to study with Aryaman around but Nidhi gave me full support, keeping Aryaman busy and not letting me near any of my responsibilities. I finally gave my exam on Aug 9th, 2008 and cleared it with good ratings.

One more thing finally ticked off my long-time to-dos...

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