Sunday, September 7, 2008

Learning to Fly

Finally we mustered the courage to fulfill another long pending wish of ours, sky diving. What! Sky diving! Are you insane! That is what everybody said when we told them that we are going for sky diving. Somehow we never imagined that most people consider it a very dangerous sport. Probably it is, and for a person like me who is afraid of heights, it was a very big leap. I was a bit nervous and was having second thoughts till the last moment. But Nidhi was mostly cool about it and showed no signs of nervousness whatsoever.

And what an out-of-world experience it was! When I jumped, my first thoughts were that I have made a big mistake. But once I came back to my senses, the world looked new and beautiful. Everything was different from 13,000 ft and I didn't even realize when the diving got over.

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